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This includes funding, upfront and operational costs, a long-term revenue plan and marketing strategies.How much money do you expect to make the first year? How is your business different than the competition?However, you can launch a hand car wash with some elbow grease and less than 0,000.

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Pitch your idea to the bank or potential investors using your business plan.

Once your car wash is ready to go, and your staff is secured (if you have any), it's time to start marketing.

The success of a car wash is way more dependent on location than you might think.

Launching a car wash in a rural area with hardly any traffic probably won't be as lucrative as a car wash business on the side of a major highway.

The right answer depends on the amount of involvement you want to have and the amount of investment you're willing to put in upfront.

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Self-service car washes have minimal startup costs, but full-service car washes allow you to charge more and generate a larger return.For example, in New York City, you'll need to contact the Department of Consumer Affairs for a car wash license.Self-service car washes in New York don't need a car wash license, but full-service car washes do.They generally fall into two categories: self-service or full-service.Some car wash businesses go directly to the customer for detailing or launch various "pop-up" sites, while others rent or own a lot with car wash machines and staff.To start servicing customers, you'll need approval from the city, county or both.The license needed and local department to contact varies from city-to-city.You also need a car wash certification (which you can download from the Department of Consumer Affairs website), various business insurances, a tax identification number and a 0,000 surety bond.Since every city is different, you'll have to do your research.Automatic car washes tend to make more money than hand car washes, but they require a much steeper investment.It can cost upwards of 0,000 for the necessary technology and staff to launch a full-service car wash with automatic bays or a tunnel.


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