California Bar Exam Essays 2011

California Bar Exam Essays 2011-6
UCLA Law students, please keep your eyes out for a Student Services Bar Exam & Moral Character Workshop held in the fall.

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Skilled exam takers will read “inferences” into the fact pattern in order to fill in the gaps.

Less skilled exam takers will make up a rule based on the facts presented.

The Bar essay database contains 3000 essay examples, including both high and low scoring essay answers to more than 150 different essay questions.

Unlike the examples on the current page, the Bar Essays search engine will also provide the related essay question next to each graded example.

I am always on the look for topics that people want to read on this blog.

Since I received such a popular reaction to my post on bar exam scoring I will provide my answers, in a series of posts to the July 2011 California Bar Exam (CBX) essay questions.

Rather than have you go hunting for them or flip through your bar course materials, I’ve compiled past exams for California and UBE jurisdictions.

For more information about why Bar is an essential study supplement for the California Bar Exam essays, read our FAQ: -- CLICK HERE TO READ THE BARESSAYS FAQ This page includes a small sample of material from the Bar essay database - a few of our real graded essays from past California Bar Exams.

Check out past bar exam essays and selected answers that you can use for purposes of outlining or writing full essays, good luck!

Where do you find essays and performance tests to practice on?


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