Cartoon Character Essay

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Earle Barcus had previously found, and better than the 1:4 ratio that communications professors Teresa Thompson and Eugenia Zerbinos found in the 1990s. Black characters account for 5.6 percent of our total sample of over 1,500 characters.

(A study conducted in 1972 by researchers Gilbert Mendelson and Morissa Young for Action for Children’s Television found that over 60 percent of the TV shows in their sample had no racial minority characters at all.) There are many more Asian or Asian-American characters (11.6 percent), though this likely due to the prevalence of a few popular cartoons featuring mostly Asian characters such as “Legend of Korra.” The bad news is that there’s still a ways to go. Meanwhile, Hispanic or Latinos make up 17.8 percent of the population, but we’ve found Latino characters only made up 1.4 percent of our sample.

Over the past seven years, we’ve continued studying this topic at the Children’s Television Project (CTV) at Tufts University, documenting images of different races, gender and ethnicities in the most popular children’s animated series.

We’ve also taken steps to try to understand why stereotyped portrayals still exist well into the 21st century.

His mother, Mitsi, wants to buy fashionable clothes and other expensive cosmetics but Shin chan always wastes them.

He is a very clumsy boy who is afraid of nobody else than his own mother.

Masao is a coward but is a good friend of Shin chan.

Nani is a normal person except that her mother hates Shin chan.

In the previous blog a little information was given about Shin chan and his family. He is very fond of Action Kamen who is his favourite toon. However, his mother tries to give him as less chocolates as she can and tries to save money.

Now, about his behavior; he is a very mischievous and naughty. He doesn't like to eat capsicum but her mother tells him to eat it or else she would beat him.


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