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Deviant behavior of one of the parents like alcoholism, drug addiction, violence is a meaningful cause for breaking up. It helps a child to escape from the constant stress and experiences.

It is typical for both boys and girls to manifest less positive emotions during the process of divorce and the first time after it.

Such negative impact on children's success can be explained by economic problems and tensions between divorced parents as well as the fact of living in incomplete family.

Dwelling of minor child in a decaying family, where lame relations and conflicts between parents predominate, does not guarantee kid’s prosperity.

Most children can also feel betrayed by their parents and may even start to hate the one who has left their family.

The moment when one of spouses is leaving their house is the most painful point for younger kids. Younger children can blame themselves that their parents are going to divorce and are not capable of getting rid of such thoughts.Getting through the divorce, they become more dependent on their parents: they need more care and love.It is necessary to mention aspects of impact of parents’ separation on a minor child in effects of divorce on children essay: Divorce from a legal point of view, means the formal termination of a valid marriage between spouses, but not the termination of the relationship between parents and children.In some families the relations between parents and children are not changed after the divorce, other families face the indifference.In the third ones cessations of communication of one of the parents and a child may happen due to the initiative of a parent oneself as well as due to the ban of a former spouse.A more adult child is experiencing more stress during the disorder in the relationship of parents, constant quarrels and conflicts.Separation of parents can improve the psychological condition of the child during this period.Common children are the link in the relationship between the former spouses.Each year, a significant number of children face the problem of family disintegration.In addition, a number of researchers noted that children, who have gone through the divorce of their parents, study worse at school, start their sex life earlier and often give birth to children out of a partnership.They are getting married sooner than it may happen and divorce faster because their perceptions of family life are formed in a negative way.


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