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Studies documenting student behavior demonstrate that a vast majority of students violate standards of academic integrity to some extent and they also show that high achievers are just as likely to do it as their colleagues.

You learn to think “outside the box,” solve problems, and succeed in both career and personal life.

However, to some people, the challenging attitude of the school and constant demands can be overwhelming which is why they implement various cheating tactics to finish their assignments or pass the exam.

For example, a lot of students use essay writing services to pay for research paper and deliver their school projects, and they usually assume there’s nothing wrong with that.

If the essay is 100% original and not plagiarized, then it cannot be cheating, right?

The Journal of Business Ethics featured a study which showed that technology has a significant role in enabling the negative behavior.

The more online tools the college students were allowed to use, the more they were likely to copy the work of others and implement different cheating tactics.It’s needless to mention that this action could have you penalized.Plus, do you think that your professor doesn’t know your level of knowledge and writing abilities?Believe it or not, paying someone to do the homework is categorized as one of the most widely sought after cheating strategies, according to research published in the Journal of Applied Sciences.Participants were asked to complete the questionnaire about cheating anonymously, whether they do it, why, how, and so on.According to experts, it’s quite easy to explain why this happens; cheating has become easier, it doesn’t require too much effort anymore, and it has been widely tolerated.Some students cheat due to ever-increasing competitiveness at college that they struggle to keep up with; while others cheat out of pure necessity to survive and avoid failure.While it is unfair for any student to have a low-caliber teacher, it isn’t fair for anyone to cheat.When you cheat and make a good grade without understanding the material, the teacher thinks they’ve taught the criteria well, and they will continue to teach the same way or perhaps at a faster pace. Then there’s the aftermath of cheating in the “real world.” You will not have developed that skill you cheated on.The second reason why it’s wrong is that a vast amount of these websites are scams.You spend your money thinking you’ll get a high-quality work, but at the end of the day, it’s just an ordinary essay (or some other assignment) that is plagiarized at the same time.


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