Chronicle Of A Death Foretold Essay

Chronicle Of A Death Foretold Essay-77
The death is foretold and shown from different angles and interpretations by the means of clustering together a wide range of characters.

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In this context, with the help of the figurative language, the writer accommodates his novel to the cultural peculiarities of the Latin American nation.

Thus, the reader may notice that Chronicle of a Death Foretold is rather metafictional. The names of characters mostly correspond to those ones that can be found in the Holy Book.

Every character in the novel introduces the new information concerning the murder of Santiago.

The reader becomes a witness of the crime as the narrator offers a pallet of colors, attitudes, actions, causes, and effects.

To start with, it is necessary to point out that the structure of the novel plays an indispensable part in the reader’s interpretation. rquez incorporates the thoughts and attitudes of different people to the event that takes place in Chronicle of a Death Foretold.

The title of the novel itself reveals the essence of this particular event.

These ones lead the reader to the death itself described at the end of the story.

Presumably, the structure exerts a tremendous impact on the literary integrity of the novel.

From this particular standpoint, the reader may interpret the role of the authorities being also aware of the murder.

The matter is that the authorities’ attitudes to the issue are the same.


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