Cleopatra And Mark Antony Essay

Cleopatra And Mark Antony Essay-44
Antony curses her for her alleged treachery, only to forgive her moments later.

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Antony hears of Caesar's treachery, and decides to go to war against him.

But Octavia pleads with Antony to maintain a peaceful relationship with her brother, and Antony decides to send her to Rome on a peace mission.

Soon, however, he dies, undone by his shame and the weight of his disloyalty.

Another day brings another battle, and once again Antony meets Caesar at sea.

So, when a message arrives informing him that his wife Fulvia is dead and that Pompey is raising a rebel army, he resolves to return to Rome and be a soldier once more. Wars are being waged left and right, and as soon as Antony resolves one issue, another pops up.

Realizing that an alliance is necessary to defeat Pompey, Antony and Caesar, another ruler of the Roman Empire, agree that Antony will marry Caesar's sister Octavia.

Meanwhile in Egypt, Cleopatra learns of Antony's marriage to Octavia and flies into a jealous rage.

But, when a messenger delivers word that Octavia is a plain and timid woman, Cleopatra feels confident that she will win Antony back.

But, the attendant kills himself instead, so that Antony must fall upon his own sword.

Then, mortally wounded, he is carried by his remaining attendants to Cleopatra's monument, where he dies in her arms.


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