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Proper sample packaging can mean the difference between a successful or a failed analysis.In techniques that analyze small areas or are used to determine trace chemical composition, packaging that appears innocuous can contribute as much material as was present initially.This case study describes the application of a variety of microscopy techniques to examine a failed motorcycle suspension to determine the root cause of the failure.

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The estimated hematocrit value was 57% (reference interval = 38.8% - 50.0%).

A review of past hematology results for the patient showed that his hematocrit had been increasing over the past nine months.

The answer surprises the group of student science teachers portrayed in this case study.

To explain the phenomenon they must figure out the interactions between two clusters of concepts...

However, the dam's construction forever altered the Yangtze River ecosystem and the lives of local residents. This case was developed for use in the first semester of a sophomore organic chemistry laboratory to illustrate how a combination of techniques is usually required in the identification of chemical compounds. The discovery of a bacterium capable of substituting arsenic for phosphorus in its DNA was announced with much fanfare in 2010.

It was immediately and very publicly critiqued by researchers posting their analyses of the paper on their blogs. In this dilemma case, the central character, a museum curator, must decide whether or not to show a painting as a hitherto “undiscovered” Cezanne.

In this case study, students play the role of a NASA scientist tasked with analyzing samples of atmosphere and soil collected on Mars as part of the Mars Curiosity Mission.

The case study takes place in the future when samples of the Martian atmosphere... Invented by Edward Kasner, an American mathematician who popularized the number in his 1940 book, Mathematics and the Imagination, it is a 1 followed by a hundred zeros.

This directed case in estimation and very large n...

This case study was developed to engage students by making connections between core concepts in chemistry and obesity related factors.


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