Club Fitness Management Thesis

Club Fitness Management Thesis-44
The media communication, price and image are also organizations’ features that weigh on the expectations [].

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However, not all service attributes have the same importance so each of them has different influence on satisfaction [].

Thus, customer retention can lead to loyalty, that benefits the organizations, since loyal members show confidence in the intentions and practices of the institutions, believe the organization shows interest in them and value their presence regardless of how much they spend.

In addition, the organizations consider that the loyal consumers use their services more easily, are hardly tempted to leave them for competition, speak well of the organization to potential customers and help the organization to improve its services [] argue that retention is not just a statistic but the key indicator that integrates the business dimensions and measures how well the company is creating value for its customers.

Thus, customer retention is critical to the fitness clubs profitability [].

In this market it is indispensable to understand the characteristics of faithful members, in or-der to act appropriately with each segment.

Accordingly, the weekly frequency, which a member goes to the gym, their ex-pectations, satisfaction and retention are key variables to understand them. The instrument was constituted by the sample characterization and questions to understand the consumer behaviour in fitness (weekly frequency of use, expectations, satisfaction and retention behaviours).Moreover, the authors add that the frequency that the members go to the club it's synonym of their satisfaction at the club and, consequently, their decision to remain.This idea is also corroborated by fitness industry managers [], who refer that the frequency of use reflects the permanence at the club for a longer period of time.The following project is about creating a new business opportunity from an existing and mature activity sector which is the commercial fitness sector.For years, the commercial fitness sector has relied on a set of offerings that were similar from one facility to another.The relationship between expectations with satisfaction (73%) and retention (64%) was statistically significant.Finally, the relationship between satisfaction and retention (63%) was positive and significant.The area is upscale and affluent and has a number of health clubs, but none that serve women only.Currently, there are 80,000 residents living in southwest Mapleton.Thus, the study of satisfaction and its importance in future behaviour has been an issue of some research [] considers that it is to be expected that the overall satisfaction is an antecedent to positive results.Because of that, the use of a single item to the general satisfaction is used in the literature [] satisfaction is measured by the members’ perception about the service attributes and there’s the need to decide which attributes must be upgraded or removed.


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