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Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student.This is not an example of the work produced by our Essay Writing Service.For example, Sheely-Moore and Bratton (2010) discussed how a family-oriented, strengths-based approach toward working with lower-income African American families helped raise children’s grades while lowering school discipline problems.

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What is the difference between the well-behaved children of poorer families and those who act out? Even if there isn’t a male role model in the house, many times, the matriarch of the family takes a strict stance among her offspring, raising Cain if the offspring get into trouble.

Furthermore, there are resources for parents of lower income families to find help for their children if there are issues.

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Furthermore, it has been proven that parental influence also has an influence on driving among their teenage offspring (Crawford-Faucker, 2009).

According to the National Young Driver Survey (involving 5,665 students in grades 9 through 11) parenting styles had a definite impact on choices the young drivers made (Crawford-Faucker, 2009).Poverty isn’t a good thing and it makes things very difficult, especially as it pertains to the parent-child relationship.But to use that excuse not to charge parents for a child’s conduct is passing on responsibility.In fact, it has been revealed that parental stress and/or reaction can actually have an impact on vocabulary and cognitive development (Molfese et al, 2010).On the other side we’ve seen literature extolling the positive benefits of tools such as parental training on the success of children.Furthermore, this group reported less alcohol use (Crawford-Faucker, 2009).But harsh verbal and physical discipline isn’t necessary the way to go, either.Few people want their children to be delinquent (especially lower-income people).But then again, even among poor families, we find out that not all children are delinquent.The teen mother still needs to be penalized, and then needs to be mandated to attend parenting classes.Failure to do so is the teen mom’s choice and if the teen mom doesn’t attend classes, this tells the law enforcement officials that her defiance could be passed on to her children.


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