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You don’t want to put in a summary of information from the school website.The college admissions officers already know this stuff. Also, don’t just list the professors in a department.

You don’t want to put in a summary of information from the school website.

We want schools to be excited about your story, so we help you navigate through the process to reflect your achievements, aspirations and character.

Beginning as early as the 9th grade, we work with students to get a sense of their college goals and how they can best prepare to achieve them through their high school years. Hamilton for a complimentary consultation at which we get to know the student and share our philosophy.

A student can demonstrate to the admission committee what makes them stand out from other applicants in a favorable light.

As a college counselor, you can guide the writing of an exceptional essay by understanding their importance, what makes them remarkable, and how to edit without taking over.

This class will cover the role of the essay in the college application, working with students, tools for counselors and guest lectures from experts in the field of college admission essays.

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Many times, it’s the most mundane topic that makes the best college essay.

There are essays that are pertinent to an individual school, sometimes more important to the reader than your personal statement/primary essay.

These are typically shorter in length and prompts that are specific and intentional so the admissions counselor can further understand why you may be a good match for them.

At the turn of the 11th grade, students begin to work more intensively on telling “their story” and complete their college applications throughout the summer and into fall.

We offer a variety of packages for rising Juniors to receive focused advice and support during the crucial Junior year.


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