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[School Acceptances: Princeton University, Duke University, Northwestern University, Cornell University, University of Virginia, University of North Carolina, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, University of California Berkeley, University of Michigan I am an aspiring hot sauce sommelier.Ever since I was a child, I have been in search for all that is spicy.But in this article, I’ll share some specific examples of great college essays.

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I stared at him for a moment, jaw locked tight, eyes nearly brimming with tears.

He proceeded to list for me all the things I needed to revise for my next draft.

This experience taught me that “following your dreams” requires more than just wishing upon a star.

It takes sacrifice, persistence, and grueling work to turn fantasy into reality.

Publishing that first draft would have been a horrible embarrassment that would have haunted me for the rest of my life.

Over the past half-decade, I’ve been able to explore my own literary voice, and develop a truly original work that I will be proud to display.I hung up the phone with a smile plastered on my face. After a year I had stretched my writing project into a three hundred page novel.Never mind that I was barely eleven, that my portfolio consisted of a few half-page poems from elementary school, or that the contest was taking place on another continent, I was determined to write the most extraordinary fantasy novel ever created. I scraped together a few dollars of allowance money, slapped it in my mom’s hand, and asked her to have Staples print a bound copy of the manuscript.Many of them come with additional comments to help you learn what made them so effective.Let them inspire you and help you to develop your own unique story.In a way, it can change your life forever, by giving you access to some of the most prestigious educational institutions in the world.Just imagine stepping into one of your dream colleges, thinking about your future, and the amazing things you’ll do. The letters of recommendation, athletic achievements and the extracurricular activities you participated in can all impress the college admission committee.For months afterward the sight of me was accompanied by the tap, tap, tap of my fingers flying across the keyboard, and the sharp glint of obsession in my eyes. She handed me my magnum opus when I got home from school that day.I ran my fingers across the shiny laminate over the cover page, caressed the paper as if it were some sacred tome. ” I said, imagining the line of publishing companies that would soon be knocking down my door.At least, that what I originally imagined as I feverishly typed the opening words of my manuscript.I had just received a call from my parents, who were on a business trip in London.


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