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But having said that, if you forced me at gunpoint to decide who to admit to the college, and gave me nothing to go on except the language measures developed in the new study, I’d do O. you actually think.\r\n\r\n Below you’ll find selected examples of essays that “worked,” as nominated by our admissions committee."But I would advise students at the high school level that most colleges are more interested in writing about the world of ideas and things than in personal narratives," Beaver said.

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The study found that the essays that predicted the most academic success demonstrated "categorical thinking," which involves writing that categorizes things, and that connects concepts and ideas. This writing tends to use pronouns such as "I" and "they" and to rely on personal narratives.Generally, those applicants who, compared to the average applicant, used greater numbers of long words (6 letters or more) than others, used more complicated sentences, and wrote longer essays all ended up with slightly higher GPAs than did other admitted students.Asked if applicants should thus avoid personal narratives, Beaver said it was too early to act on the new research because, to his knowledge, no admissions offices are analyzing applicants' essays based on this type of review.I am here to develop skills and knowledge in my chosen field, which shall prepare me for the labor market as either an employee or an employer.I hope to attain three forms of development namely, cognitive development, and academic skills development and psychosocial development. However, researchers have found life skills aspects such as a sense of identity and maturity, time management and greater social support to be associated with experiencing fewer academic difficulties and higher cumulative GPA.Additionally, untreated stress has been associated with lower overall academic adjustment and GPA (Ginter & Glauser, 2010).Via email, Professor Beaver answered some questions about the study.While much of the analysis focused on relatively short words, the scholars also noticed trends with longer words, he said.It is reported that traditional predictors of academic performance in college such as measures of verbal and mathematical abilities (Scholastic Aptitude Test -SAT) and academic achievement (high school GPA) only account for less than 25% of the variance in college performance.This leaves a considerable variance unexplained (Currie, Pisarik, Ginter, Glauser, Hayes, & Smit, 2012).


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