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Soon after, I find myself lying in bed, my thoughts and the soft throb of my head the only audible things in the room.I ponder whether my parents — dregs floating across a diasporic sea before my time — would have imagined their sacrifices for us would come with sharp pains in their backs and newfound worries, tear-soaked nights and early mornings. Instead, I dream of them and the future I will build with the tools they have given me.

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Each mouthful is a reminder that my time here will not last forever, and that my success or failure will become a defining example for my sister and relatives.

The rift between high school and college is wide, but it is one I must cross for those who have carried me to this point.

As for me, I wander down to the small stream at the ridge on the farm’s edge, remembering my father’s stories of rising up early to feed the cows and my mother’s memories of the sweat on her brow from hours of picking coffee at a local plantation.

Life here juxtaposes itself profoundly against the life I live in America; the scourge of poverty and flickering prosperity that never seem to coalesce.

She kneads the dough and places it on the stove, her veins throbbing with every movement: a living masterpiece painted by a life of poverty and motherhood.

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The air becomes thick with smoke and I am soon forced out of the walls of the mud-brick house while she laughs.

Now, please don’t assume that my father is some rampant rural sexist.

The fact is, when you live in an area and have a career where success is largely determined by your ability to provide and maintain nearly insurmountable feats of physical labor, you typically prefer a person with a bigger frame.

All she cared about was her balanced daily feed of cottonseed and ground corn and that she got an extra pat on the head.

As I sat next to her polishing her white leather show halter, she appreciated my meticulous diligence and not my sex.


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