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We share our knowledge and peer-reveiwed research papers with libraries, scientific and engineering societies, and also work with corporate R&D departments and government entities.

We share our knowledge and peer-reveiwed research papers with libraries, scientific and engineering societies, and also work with corporate R&D departments and government entities.

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Project Assistants was engaged by IBM’s Interactive Media to develop an integrated methodology based upon project management methodology, software development lifecycle (SDLC) methodology, and traditional media production methodology.

Siemens field-based solution engagement teams needed an integrated project management/solution delivery methodology with supporting toolsets, mentoring and training to enable the consistent deliver healthcare solution implementation services to their clients.

There are specific recommendations relating to the professional training of construction project managers, who need to be better equipped to deal with the local general public.

The research complements the existing academic and industry literature on considerate construction and makes both strategic and practical recommendations to enhance on‐site community engagement practices. (2007), "“Considerate construction”: case studies of current practice", Engineering, Construction and Architectural Management, Vol.

Goodrich’s vision for the use of Project Management systems and technology is to drive consistent, integrated and effective project management within the Optical and Space Systems Division located in Chelmsford, Massachusetts.

Hardies have been involved in some of the largest and most prestigious projects in Scotland over the past 100 years.For 70 years, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (BCBSNC) has served its customers by offering access to quality health care at a competitive price and has served the people of North Carolina through support of community organizations, programs and events that promote good health.Like most IT departments in global companies, Del Monte IT Division encountered problems successfully delivering IT projects and was seeking direction on how to develop an effective project management environment across the enterprise.Seemingly better examples were found in projects in which the contractor took a partnered approach with both client and community, retained community relation expertise on staff, and took appropriate, timely action.The case studies are based in the Southeast of England and focus on housing and educational projects, so the lessons learned may not apply in all instances.Thus it is of interest to both researchers and practitioners. Nerius Jasinavicius: Lean Construction Institute Lithuania. Founder and Managing Partner TOC sprendimai, Lithuania Exepron and BIM rescued a 27 story-building contract running significantly behind schedule.A list of key themes relating to community engagement is developed and used as a framework for case studies of projects being built by a major, multi‐disciplinary contractor that routinely registers projects with the Considerate Constructors Scheme.This research found evidence of a range of effective practices, but there is still scope for improvement.Each project is around USD2-5 Million, with a 12-20 month build program. Current on-time delivery results 8 days ahead of schedule after 18 months.Where everything is emerging, management, finance, operations, etc., even the market itself. Road Construction Company in Siberia – 4 weeks implementation.


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