Cooperative Problem Solving

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This style of negotiation starts from the premise that you both have an interest in reaching agreement and therefore an interest in making proposals that the other is likely to agree to.

In other words, each has an interest in the other(s) also being satisfied.

There are two different approaches to negotiation -- competitive bargaining and cooperative problem solving.

This section will give an overview of these two approaches.

If a proposal is cogently expressed, it starts with considerable advantages.

Thesis On Routing In Wireless Sensor Networks - Cooperative Problem Solving

If beyond that it reflects the wishes of as many other delegations as possible, it is well on the way to being accepted.The challenge for you is to develop a proposal or see to it that one is developed, which meets these requirements and also reflects your wishes.As pointed out earlier, each negotiation can be thought of as a search for a solution to the conundrum posed by the fact that different delegations have different objectives and ambitions.A proposal will have general appeal if all delegations like it.It may however also be accepted if some delegations like it and no others particularly object to it.At the simplest they would receive equal shares; but the issues before international conferences are generally far too complex for that and the needs and capabilities of the nations concerned are too varied for any simple equilibrium.Instead, at the international level, the balance to be found is between trade-offs, in which not only the quantity but also the nature of what different parties receive is different.Achieving your objective requires that you also work to achieve the objectives of the other party (or parties) –to the extent that such effort is compatible with your objectives.The same applies to your counterpart(s): it is in their interest to satisfy you to the maximum extent possible.Competitive bargaining Historically, the word ‘negotiation’ means ‘business’ and negotiation has a major role in business transactions.The crudest form of negotiation in an international conference resembles crude commercial negotiations, for example, when you are trying to buy or sell a second-hand car and the only point at issue is the price.


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