Corporal Punishment Essay Outline

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Many nations however have enacted legislations against its use......

Ban on corporal punishment on school Many individuals still take corporal punishment as a way of effectively teaching the children.

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Thus, it was evident that a simple threat of corporal punishment was sufficient to deter the possibility of people committing certain offenses.

Therefore, if people can use corporal punishment to discipline the offenders the society can have less law violators than when other forms of punishments are applicable because many people fear pain inflicted in the body.Module: School Corporal Punishment Inflicting physical pain has been in use for centuries as a means ofinstilling discipline among people.Schools have used it to maintain good mannerisms among students and Nepal is a good example of countries where it is widely practiced.Corporal punishment if well handled can assist to reduce offenses committed by people from a great number of individuals are wary of pain inflicted on their bodies.Scarree (2003) commented that the research conducted in some jails revealed that disciplinarians could reduce some cases of offenses using corporal punishment.This practice is termed as corporal punishment and many Nepal people advocate for it based on Hindu teachings that state that children should get tadana which means reprimanding by beating in order to shape their lives.Year after year students across the world have been subjected to corporal punishment.Corporal Punishment Teacher Corporal Punishment According to the National Coalition to Abolish Corporal Punishment in Schools, or the NCACPS, the term “corporal punishment” refers to the “physical pain inflicted on the body of a child as a penalty for disapproved behavior” (Dupper & Dingus, 2008).However, practically speaking, it refers to the violent way of hitting, spanking, punching, paddling and many other physical ways of carrying out a punishment on a child who is considered disobedient.Some scholars have as well linked the huge rate of violence in some states in America with corporal punishment in the country’s public learning institutions.Therefore, the unacceptable nature of corporal punishment in American public schools reflects the existing huge gap between the present education policy that prohibits corporal punishment in public schools and the actual implementation of the policy.......?


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