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Follow the Very Hungry Caterpillar through several pages of loving expressions, including adorable love idioms.

(Note: This is not a story with a developed plot, but rather a beautiful collection of phrases that express love and affection). Using elements from nature and/or relevant idioms such as “you are the apple of my eye,” create a collection of loving phrases that could be shared with someone special.

In today’s tech-forward world, we often rely on autocorrect and spelling checkers to think for us.

It is still vital for your child to learn how to spell and to know synonyms and antonyms of words. ) It also can be fun to flip through a thesaurus and read random entries.

, while self-doubt, criticism and fear bully you like a gang of thugs.

As if that’s not torture enough, you may want to move beyond writing for yourself, and pursue publication. Every relationship goes through high and lows, good times and bad.

It may take you an afternoon, days, weeks, or longer to rekindle your love of writing.

These methods work because I’ve used them over the years myself when I’m on the verge of a literary breakup.

That is, if the professionals bother to answer you at all. You got downright grouchy if you didn’t explore what happened to them. You enjoyed every moment of it, even during the tough times. When you’ve lost that lovin’ feeling, try any of these three strategies: Set writing aside and do something else that’s artistic, even if it’s an activity you’ve never tried before. Take a cooking or art class, garden, try wood-working, yoga, or rollerblading. Explore anything upsetting you, like:“After my husband died, I could not write much (fiction) – I could not concentrate.

I was too exhausted most of the time even to contemplate it.


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