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It’s that valuable of a skill (and no matter how much technology improves, as long as a message needs to be shared, a writer has a job). This is my personal favorite, and also one of the writing roles no one ever told me existed.All throughout college, and even for years after while working at an advertising agency, I had no idea that “ghostwriting” was such a popular writing job.

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And in this strangely defined amount of space, you have to be able to hold someone’s attention AND get them to comment and engage directly.

Starting conversations on a photo-dominant platform is no easy task.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is what happens when you hire a bad writer—or someone at the company decided hiring a copywriter for the project wasn’t worth the cost.

Company websites are notorious for having sub-par messaging.

I found the work to be both fascinating (writing proposals for biotech projects that were completely over my head) and also mind-numbing.

Unfortunately, they’re a necessity to a lot of businesses—and not to mention, it’s a valuable skill every writer should acquire for themselves.

Whitepapers, typically, are nothing more than lengthy documents that explain an idea in depth.

A whitepaper could be a report a company publishes with industry stats, for example.

For the companies themselves, this is bad news (because it’s probably costing them a ton of business).

But for copywriters in search of work, this is your Holy Grail. I’ve gotten an astounding amount of business this way, just pointing obvious improvements out and then asking if they’d like me to re-do everything for them.


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