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Where you are beginning to resolve the conflict/drama facing your characters.

The resolution, or end - the reader has completed the journey your story has taken them on.

Of course the plot will need to be more complex and involved if you are writing a longer story, but even a piece of micro-fiction will have key plot elements.

Thinking about plot vs story in the light of what you’ve just read, can you see how story and plot are different, but related?

To achieve a successful narrative – to tell your story in the best way – you need to create both a story and a plot: a sequence of events that takes the reader on a journey from beginning to end, and a plot that allows you tell the story in the most effective way.

We are sure you have some fantastic stories waiting for you to plot them – happy writing! These are: Introduce the characters and setting, and show the key conflict or drama that needs to be resolved by the end of the story.If you’re writing a romance, where do you put the life-changing encounter between the two lovers? Plot is not only about how you handle the events in your story, but how you hold a reader’s interest.When you are creating a plot for your story, you will have to consider things like: what happens when; when to reveal information; when to withhold information; when to introduce a character and what to show about them that will add to the story you are telling.2) She set off for the market but she never came home. Having come up with your story, the next step is to plot it.Whether you are writing a short story or a full-length novel, your story will need you to build a plot.The part of the story where you build up events to create tension and reader interest.This is where something happens that changes the course of the narrative and makes your readers think: what will happen next?3) Crime: She kissed the frog and died horribly because there was poison on its lips – it was the signature that had earned the serial killer the nickname ‘Frogman’. Try creating at least three plots based on each story.What else can you come up with in terms of a plot based on that storyline? 1) He caught the bus as usual and sat next to a person who changed his life.This is a formula, a master plot, for any 6000 word pulp story. Create suspense, make the reader see and feel the action. It has worked on adventure, detective, western and war-air. It shows definitely just what must happen in each successive thousand words. These outlines or master formulas are only something to make you certain of inserting some physical conflict, and some genuine plot twists, with a little suspense and menace thrown in. These physical conflicts in each part might be DIFFERENT, too. A hero with a peculiar punch, or a quick draw, might use it more than once.


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