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If you complain about not having time to write, please do us both a favor and drop out.

I went to a low-residency MFA program and, years later, taught at a low-residency MFA program.

The vast majority of my students were hardworking, thoughtful people devoted to improving their craft despite having nothing interesting to express and no interesting way to express it.

My hope for them was that they would become better readers.

My advice is for writers to reject the old models and take over the production of their own and each other's work as much as possible. After eight years of teaching at the graduate level, I grew increasingly intolerant of writing designed to make the writer look smart, clever, or edgy.

I know this work when I see it; I've written a fair amount of it myself.

Being a writer means developing a lifelong intimacy with language.

You have to be crazy about books as a kid to establish the neural architecture required to write one.

Those who didn't get it were stuck on the notion that their writing was a tool designed to procure my validation.

The funny thing is, if you can put your ego on the back burner and focus on giving someone a wonderful reading experience, the cleverest writing. Occasionally my students asked me about how I got published after I got my MFA, and the answer usually disappointed them.


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