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Specifically, the study utilized the Stanford Mobile Inquiry-based Learning Environment (SMILE), a mobile-based Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) generator application, to engage medical students in self-assessment and peer assessment through the question solutions and peer ratings.Many researchers have suggested implementing activities that improve cognitive skills in medical schools.

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This on-going study investigated the implementation of SMILE Global in a team-based activity in a core medical course at Chungbuk National University Medical School in South Korea with 30 senior medical students and three faculty members.

Qualitative and quantitative data were collected through survey and open-ended questions.

Moreover, it promotes the exchange of inquiries on common topics from learners of all regions, while still allowing learners to share experiences from their local contexts and cultures.

Both SMILE applications consist of two software elements: 1) a student mobile-based application; and 2) activity management server application run by the facilitator.

Students preferred using web based content instead of their textbooks to understand the topic, but then often used their textbook and group discussions for deeper understanding.

Follow up studies showed that by the end of the activity, the students were thrilled with the activity and were pleasantly surprised by how deeply it required them to think about the topic.

Students generated questions, and their peer evaluation results were qualitatively analyzed.

During the SMILE activity, an evaluation rubric was introduced to the student and the possibilities of using SMILE as an assessment tool was explored in more depth in study results.

This process of sharing-out, serves as a basis for deepening class discussions around difficult concepts and linking material to prior knowledge, real-world applications and outside concepts.

The SMILE activity management application also allows faculty members to control the progress of the activity in real time, participate in question generation, and monitor users’ data.


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