Critiquing A Scientific Research Paper

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It’s also important to note that the summary should not be your critique`s main point of focus and should be significantly shorter than your critical evaluation.Critical Evaluation The critical evaluation section of your article critique example can be regarded as the most vital part of learning how to critique a research article.

In the more extended critiques, it is better to discuss the negative and positive points of every critical question in separate paragraphs.

For you to support the evaluation, ensure that you provide evidence derived from that piece of work itself.

You can use your word processor to count the words.

Include a complete citation to the paper your are critiquing at the top of the page, and cite literature and specific examples in the text to support and lend credibility to your critique.

These writing forms majorly have a central writing structure which entails: an introduction, a body and, finally, the conclusion.

The difference of how to write a critique and other types of essays comes in the body section and the article format.of a research article requires you to share the key points of the article so your reader can get a clear picture of what the article is about. For us to kick off at an effective pace, we should first ask ourselves, “What is a critique?With the above, we will have undoubtedly solved the “What is a critique” puzzle.Writing an article review example of a particular piece of work enables you to develop: Before beginning your article review example, it is of the essence for you to have an intimate understanding of how to critique an article, the type of work that you will critique, and have an idea of the message being put across in its content as well.On the other hand, the assessment of paintings would focus on composition, color, brush strokes and light.It is important to note that the role of critical evaluations should not be only to highlight the negative impressions of a piece of work.Some examples of the main critical questions that could assist with your assessment are: You should ensure that you write such an evaluation in a formal and academic style of writing and follow this through with logical presentation.Order and group all the ideas that you wish to relay in your critique essay into well-structured paragraphs.Reference List Ensure that you have included all the resources that you might have cited when writing your article critique example.In case you are not writing an APA format article critique, find out from your professor the referencing style that you are recommended to use for your critique.


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