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Adorno made many contributions to critical theory, notably his view that reason had become entangled with domination and suffering.Adorno coined the tern ‘identity thinking’ to describe the process of categorical thought in modern society, by which everything becomes an example of an abstract, and thus nothing individual in its actual specific uniqueness is allowed to exist.However, in the late 1920s, Adorno joined the faculty of the University of Frankfurt and devoted the greatest part of his considerable talent and energy to the study and teaching of philosophy.

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He wrote on subjects ranging from musicology to metaphysics and his writings span to include such things as philosophical analyses of Hegelian metaphysics, a critical study of the astrology column of the Los Angeles Times, and jazz.

In terms of both style and content, Adorno's writings defy convention.

The shadow of human suffering falls across practically all of Adorno's writings.

Adorno considered his principal task to be that of testifying to the persistence of such conditions and thereby, at best, retaining the possibility that such conditions might be changed for the better.

They do this in order to allow readers to extend the critique of ideology to a wider spectrum of cultural, artistic, and entertainment phenomena.

Theodor Adorno was one of the foremost continental philosophers of the twentieth century.He was associated with The Institute for Social Research, in the Frankfurt School, which was a social science and cultural intellectual hub for promoting socialism and overthrowing capitalism.It was responsible for the creation of the philosophical form called critical theory, which takes the stand that oppression is created through politics, economics, culture, and materialism, but is maintained most significantly through consciousness.Therefore the focus of action must come from consciousness.The Institute of Social Research deviated from orthodox Marxism in its argument that social and cultural factors played as important a role as economics in oppression.In seeking to attain a clear understanding of the works of any philosopher, one should begin by asking oneself what motivated his or her philosophical labors.What was Adorno attempting to achieve through his philosophical writings?He lamented that the human race had gone from understanding the world through myth to understanding it through scientific reasoning, but that this latter ‘enlightenment’ was the same as understanding the world through myth.Both modes create a viewpoint that the subjective must conform to an outside world to which it has no control.Adorno remained a professor at the University of Frankfurt until his death in 1969. Adorno is generally recognized within the Continental tradition of philosophy as being one of the foremost philosophers of the 20th Century.His collected works comprise some twenty-three volumes.


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