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The month, which began on a Tuesday, ended on a Thursday after 31 days.This is an archived version of Wikipedia's Current events Portal from May 2012.She submitted a paper on the topic of personal change and wanted to let me know that she was purposely vague in one section. “Write within your own comfort zone.” And then she told me some of her omissions.

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Pervasiveness of Violence “Today I bought a gun” read the student’s journal entry in pale pencil, and before I panicked I read on.

He was among the most well-mannered students in my classroom—an attentive listener and always prepared.

And I was full of anger at what had happened, as she described it. I invoked the power of “free will” – even as I know the range of personal choice narrows rapidly in a totalitarian regime.

There would be no consensus in our group, and luckily there did not have to be.

I have read that the amygdala within the brain runs “red alert” when trauma occurs; recollections are etched deeply.

The brain is also plastic and can learn and can adapt. A contact of mine likes to say when I share my heartache of violence occurring near campus or by someone connected with a school: “it’s far more dangerous on the outside. ) but the drive to “punish” those remotely connected with some wrong – real or imagined – doesn’t pass my logic test.

This poem consists of four stanzas and some of the perennial questions we ask ourselves about violence; it is a gunnery teacher’s lament upon the loss of two more students during World War II.

Violence is a topic I move toward and then shy away from; that is not uncommon.

When I teach such a poem, I re-explore it through the eyes and ears of students.

Works of verbal art sometimes can say – or ask – what we cannot articulate.


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