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[tags: Structural Adjustment Programs] - Throughout the middle of the 1900’s, decolonization was flooding the globe.Many third world countries were growing tired of living in the shadow of the super powers of the world.Many circumstances and events had and were occurring that led to the changes to which he was referring....

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However, the Soviets took control of the eastern half of Europe and the United States controlled the western side.

The time of imperialism was ending and freedom of all states was on the rise.

However, this freedom did not come without sacrifice due to the controlling empire’s refusal to let go.

- After the Second World War, the British Empire started itself on a long road to the decolonization of its colonies.

Although there are many countries that have since decolonized, the foremost examples come from India and Africa as the efforts on the part of nationalists differ in their attempts to demand self-rule.


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