Deloitte Corporate Finance Case Study

Out with the general welcome talks - in with the hands-on practical approach that will get new Deloitters productive faster With a new approach to onboarding, information delivered to new hires was seen in a new light.

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So far, over 3,000 professionals have participated, a figure they want to double by the end of the 2017 fiscal year.‍"Our pilot program was incredibly well-received and initiated a lot of excitement and engagement around well-being," said Fisher.‍Another crucial step with the rollout was bringing their leadership onboard.This is a great opportunity to interact with Deloitte consultants and leadership.Deloitte Consulting is one of the world’s leading consulting firms, helping its clients develop and implement practical solutions to critical business challenges in the areas of Strategy Operations, Human Capital, and Technology.Having launched their Onboarding 2.0 approach in June 2017, Deloitte Belgium has already transformed multiple facets of new hire welcome, with the Talmundo Welcome App at its core.Today new hires at Deloitte Belgium receive an invitation to join the app right after they have signed their contract.To start, they conducted surveys, focus groups and discussions to gauge the well-being needs of their population.They learned that employees wanted resources to support their well-being, thus they began offering more learning opportunities.‍These workshops, developed and delivered by Corporate Athlete coaches, were designed to address things like fatigue, and teach employees how to increase their performance through better energy management.It helps connect personal purpose, mindfulness, and daily behaviors ensuring that energy investments are aligned with one's values and beliefs.Proper energy management helps people feel more physically energized, emotionally connected, mentally focused, stress resilient, and completely aligned with whatever mission is most important to them.‍Employees are sharing their successes and championing the program to their coworkers - helping drive a culture of well-being further into the company.‍"We receive very positive feedback from participants," said Fisher.It is in this client-driven work environment - where employees need to be at their best - that programs like the Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute's Corporate Athlete program and its focus on human energy management flourish.‍Employers across the United States are turning to wellness programs to keep health care costs low, to assist employees to be healthy and productive and to attract the best talent.So it is no surprise given its size, that Deloitte should have a well-being initiative. ‍According to Jen Fisher, National Managing Director of Well-being, Deloitte LLP - before people can take care of each other, they need to be able to care for themselves. Making well-being a part of daily life and focusing on how to maximize performance through what one puts into - and how they use - their body enhances their overall performance.


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