Descriptive Essay About A Frightening Experience

One fine day my cousin who is older than me visited us and we both decided to go to the market to bring some groceries.I was allowed to sit behind the wheel with a co driver.You are frightened at that time but years later when you think about the event it seems normal.

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I’m not a scary person easily, but I have to admit one night I saw a terrorist attack on my heart. I’ve come home to a foot from a town several miles away.

It was the first night of my life that I have been out alone.

I completely went into shock as, I could feel my heart drop I started to panic badly wishing, and praying, and hoping saying to myself I wish that someone would pinch me, and wake me up from this terrible dream.

The news I had gotten at that moment felt so unreal never would a day go pass in, which I would have thought about going through a loss of one of my siblings this soon.

There were so many, of my relatives there already that lived around the same area along with police officers, and detectives. After laying my brothers body to rest all I could think about was him, and wishing that he was still here with everyone.

My dad and I discovered my brothers body on top of the stairs next to the doorstep covered with a white sheet with his body twisted in the position he fell in when he had gotten shot with a puddle of blood around him, and all down the staircase. My family had a small repast after the funeral and burying was over, which was nice spending time with my relatives and coming closer with each other.

I was awakened by the crying and screaming of my family over me yelling at me “Get UP FUNMI PLEASE”!

And as I jumped up startled and shaking wondering what’s going on walking into my, mother’s room seeing a rainfall of tears fall down her face, she then tells me with the most hurtful voice ever “YOUR BROTHER HAS BEEN SHOT AND KILLED”!

The giant tembusu tree in front of my house had snapped. I always had a horror of storms and this one showed Nature's wrath. The whole scene reminded me of one of those disaster movies.

Another flash of lightning showed the angsana trees by the side of the street were uprooted. It would take all of us forever to clear the streets, the debris and the trees.


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