Descriptive Essay About A Stormy Night

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That is overworked and unnecessarily complex and melodramatic, the very epitome of "purple prose".

Over time, memory of the full opening sentence has been lost and all we recall is the opening few words which have come, unfairly, to be held up as the archetypal example of "purple prose".

I want to just lay down in a tiny ball and sleep for a month, but if I do I know without a doubt that I'll be swept overboard to my final resting place. Thank you for reading it and commenting on it, it means a lot to me.

My eye sight grows dim and everything is slowly becoming cloudy, I see images of my loved ones and of my future dreams. I'm glad you think I have what it takes to be a writer, because I am writing a story right now and wasn't so sure about it, but now I believe that it might come out well.

But it does not matter now I have lost the battle of life but do not weap for me for now I am finally free. I don't usually write and let others read it, so I'm a little timid and nervous about letting everyone read my work.

I no longer have to struggle through the day, now I can finally have my rest.

The night is lit by a sudden bolt of lightning followed by a quick heart wrenching roar of thunder.

The lightning lights up the sky as if it's suddenly become day and then is quickly swallowed and consumed till all that's left is complete darkness.

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