Descriptive Essay New York City

Descriptive Essay New York City-18
People immigrate from all parts of the world to the United States, but to them the land of opportunity is New York.This is due to the multi-cultural society New York consists of.As soon as a car seemed to be going slower than the person behind him liked, he would hear the horn of that car to let him know that he was apparently holding everybody else up!

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It seemed like everyone there was in a hurry to get to another place.

The loud and constant sound of cars honking was heard throughout the entire trip.

We New Yorkers understand that everyone comes from a different type of culture and we respect them and all their practices. Many of the Blacks in New York immigrated from the south during the Civil War.

Many immigrate from the West Indies or from Africa.

My trip there was like discovering an entirely new way of life that I had only heard stories of previously.

For about the tenth time the morning of the flight, I checked my room to make sure I didn’t leave anything essential behind.

Just standing and watching the many people rushing their own separate ways was an interesting observation.

In addition to the people and transportation, the buildings were also an incredible sight.

Everyone in the streets was walking at a brisk pace that indicated a rush to be somewhere.

The transportation of the city was also far different than anything that I had ever been exposed to.


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