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If we go further, for ones it will be warm sand, foam parties, cocktails and dancing, for others – swimming and sunbathing, reading the book, idly turning the pages, in other words – a total relax.

In the last decade people finally began to understand it, thereby they are trying to return to the origins in the hands of nature.

So if you want to get in touch with wild nature in order to restore you energy, you are welcome to visit a desert beach, but you should hurry up as it becomes more and more popular and soon so-called «wild beaches» will be unfortunately occupied by hundreds of tourists. And if you think, that all beaches are the same and consider this question to be rather banal, than you completely do wrong! Australia offers you a great possibility to visit white sand beaches, which even were contributed to the Guinness Book of Records. The sand there is also of volcanic origin, as well as general number of landscapes.

My mom had seemed to have read my mind so she told me that’s it lunch first, and then we all can go into the water. Baked chicken, lasagna, egg salad and shepherd pie, it was truly an amazing meal that I’ve ever eaten so far.

Then I drank some iced cold lemon lime juice to wash it down.By the time my parents had finished preparing the food, they had packed it into a large box with plates and spoons and forks.Then we had started packing everything into our family caravan.To facilitate your choice, our essays writing team has composed for you a top list of most unusual and marvelous beaches of the world, so just don’t get lost! Hawaii, Vik Beach in Iceland, Oneuli Beach in Maui are waiting for the visitors! Otherwise use this essay on Facebook addiction to get rid of your obsession and enjoy real life. Now this beach, once abandoned, is believed to be one of the most extraordinary world’s holiday destination and the best motivating example for people to care about environment. This destination will make you feel like you are only man in the world, engage you into the nature-connected activities like fishing and watching the virgin animals. And it’s a great pity that mankind often takes it for granted and give to the nature nothing in return. On our professional online written service you can order an essay on different topics.Our service also proposes you to discover a top list of crime books in order to spend the time getting to your holiday destination with pleasure. Do you want to find a solution for ecologic problems of the Earth? This place attracts the tourists with its unusual seashore relief which includes not only sandy beach, but also a plenty of picturesque caves situated directly in the water. Maybe the best place for the lovers to spend their weekends, as at night an ordinary sea becomes luminescent because of chemical reaction of the plankton. First answer for majority of people, I’m sure, will be sea and summer, as we are used to explore the beach during our vacations period and only few of us are lucky enough to live near the seaside and contemplate breathtaking scenery all around the year.The second will be relaxation, as a main privilege that is given during the seaside weekends.That one, who doesn’t accept the idea of passive rest, associates the beach with volleyball playing, jogging during the sun rise, Frisbee, water attractions and meeting new people.For those, who have a romantic spirit, beaches offer amazing sunsets, enigmatic lunar path and night bathing, a sky full of stars, which can’t be seen in the sultry metropolis and majestic sea or ocean breath, by which you are accompanied everywhere.Well, I have to say that I was already enjoying our family day at the beach so far.After that incredible lunch, my parents and I relaxed like for half an hour until it was officially time to have some real fun. The water was cool and wonderful that we stayed there until it was time for us to pack up and go home.


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