Descriptive Essays On Child Birth

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When describing a person, it might be best to first indicate the age and sex of the person before commenting on his/her clothes.

That way, the image is built from general to specific, which is easier for the mind's eye to imagine.

Descriptive essays depend not only on precision and a general-to-specific order, but also on the scope and quality of the descriptions.

A sophisticated descriptive essay will attempt to incorporate as many senses as possible in order to present the most complete form of the entity being described.

You include aspects that help readers understand the subject matter as if it is directly in front of them or they are a part of the action.

Writers are able to be creative with their content to help create vivid images for their reading audience.

For instance, if the descriptive essay were describing a field in summer, it would comment on the intense light, the heat from the sun, the smell of the freshly-mowed grass, and the sound of the cicadas in the trees.

That way, the reader can truly transport him/herself to that field and experience it with the writer, as the writer has painted it.

Pay attention to how the content is written and the subject matter.

You need a topic that will encourage you to be colorful and creative with your choice of words.


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