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No one expects you to be an expert in statistics, methodology, APA-style, research design, etc.Your attempt to be an expert in something that you’re not may only thwart your dissertation approval process–ask for help when you need it.Mistake #10: Over-Complicating Your Research Hard writing makes for easy reading.

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Choose a committee with a moderate knowledge of your topic, not seeking to change the world.

Changing committee members at any point is generally not a good idea, and will likely add months to your dissertation process.

Creating your own survey can add months to the dissertation process by requiring you to pilot and validate the instrument.

For a list of commonly used dissertation survey instruments click here.

Mistake #5: Recreating Someone Else’s Study A dissertation should be original.

You need a wrinkle or a twist that will provide a good rational on why the dissertation study is needed for this population at this time.

Mistake #6: Not Choosing Your Committee Members Wisely You should research who your potential committee members are: what are their interests, what dissertations they’ve approved in the past (paying close attention to the methodologies that they are comfortable with), and who they’ve worked with in the past.

You want to work with committee members who get along with each other but you also don’t want committee members who are not too overly enthusiastic about your (read their) research topic– you’ll never finish!

Mistake #4: Choosing the Wrong Survey Instrument Be sure that your survey instrument assesses the constructs in your research questions.

Your survey instrument scales should be reliable and valid.


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