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Many of our clients have had success with shifting the responsibility for identifying and selecting the opportunities to the candidates themselves.The advantages to having candidates drive this process includes: It is impossible to overestimate the potential of the right Stretch Assignment to contribute to the development of your leadership candidates.Hopefully, the above will give you a better understanding of how you can easily incorporate stretch assignments into your leadership development programs. Having an objective way to quantify your leadership candidates’ strengths and opportunities for development is a good place to start.

Best Uses Add the Team Assignment Pool field to a resource sheet when you need to see which resources are team resources and which are not.

Also use this field when you need to create a team resource or change an existing work resource to a team resource.

The easiest way to assign work to your project team members is to give them activities to complete, like items on a “To Do” list.

That technique doesn’t take much thinking and the assignment is usually a little vague.

How Calculated If you create a team resource in the Resource Center in Project Server, and add that team resource to your enterprise project, this field is set to Yes automatically.

You can also change this field from within Project.

In Project Web App, the members of the Marketing team —including Erin and Wilson—see the new tasks assigned to Marketing.

Erin assigns herself to the "Develop new product brochure" task, and Wilson assigns himself to the "Create trade show plan" task.

They will also be able to contribute to the development of others and make a positive contribution to the sustainable growth of an organisation.

There are two different techniques you can use when you are making project team assignments.


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