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Answer: The percent yield would be Question 5: Why is the use of cyanide in gold mining an environmental concern?

Choose Then you will complete another essay on the following question.

Everyone will be responsible for completing this essay in at least 3-4 paragraphs.

A lot of work has been done on the benefits of inductive versus deductive teaching in ELT, especially when it comes to teaching grammar points.

An inductive approach basically provides learners with input, i.e.

So here’s (a suggestion of) how to do it, focussing on teaching paragraph structure: – Provide students with (a) good example(s) of (a) text(s) which follow(s) the structural pattern(s) you would like them to adopt and will be understandable to your students, taking account of their current level of language competence.

– Provide students with questions about the example text(s) which guide them to discover its key structural features.Guided Discovery is generally accepted to be effective in the long term because the learners are more actively involved in acquiring knowledge, which aids memory.As Scott Thornbury explains, the approach can be seen to fit in with a Sociocultural model of learning, where learners are encouraged to enter/work in their ‘zone of proximal development’, i.e.But can Guided Discovery also be used for teaching essay writing?Since Scott Thornbury states “Guidance is typically mediated by questions, each question challenging learners to advance their understanding one further step”, I’d argue yes!I then simply asked them to figure out: You can also do it on a more specific level, for instance looking at the structural features of a paragraph/essay with a specific function.Here’s an example of a task I gave my students, which is looking at compare/contrast writing: Another activity often used in teaching academic writing is giving students two or more versions of a text and asking them to discover the differences and assess which one is better and why.08 Essay Questions (4 20 total points) Question 1: From that data provided in the instructional video, report the expected mass of Na2O from the thermal decomposition of sodium bicarbonate. Question 2: Describe another test that could be done to verify the identity of the product of the thermal decomposition of sodium bicarbonate.Answer: Another test that could be done is using limewater.Depending whether it goes cloudy or stays clear, will tell us what the product of the reaction is.Question 3: From that data provided in the instructional video, report the calculated theoretical yield for the synthesis of calcium sulfate.


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