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Chapter II models big data extracted from the main source to further our understanding of the social geography of the Islamic world and its major social transformations, simultaneously providing an important background for the next chapter.

Chapter III applies the devised method to the study of Islamic preaching from chronological, geographical and social perspectives that have been overlooked in the academic treatment of this subject.

It uses the largest collection, “The History of Islam” of al-Ḏahabī (d.

1348), as a case-study of applying the new method and shows how almost 30,000 biographies can be studied as a whole.

My dissertation—“Computational Analysis of Arabic Biographical Collections with Special Reference to Preaching in the Sunnī World (661-1300 CE)”—is now available online through the digital library @ the University of Michigan.

Even with very extensive Appendices, several thousand graphs and maps still did not make it into the dissertation.Frequent communication with your committee members is essential to ensure that all requirements are met/scheduled in a timely manner to ensure timely completion of all necessary steps.Deadlines cannot be altered and missing one will delay your graduation. Placido Garcia, Jr., University of New Mexico Abstract Paul Herche, University of Illinois Abstract Marilyn Anne Hopkins, State University of New York Abstract Richard A.King, State University of New York Abstract Theodore S.Recommend including either "master's thesis", "doctoral thesis", or "doctoral dissertation" (as appropriate) for search words.The Directory of Open Access Repositories (Open DOAR) *free full text Open DOAR is primarily a service to enhance and support the academic and research activities of the global community.Doctoral students on the University of Michigan-Dearborn campus should follow their individual program policies and procedures in order to successfully complete their program in a timely manner.It is the student's responsibility to be aware of all relevant deadlines and to plan accordingly.You cannot browse by department, but there are capabilities for locating theses by advisor, subjects (author assigned), and keywords (author assigned).Alternatively you can search using your own keywords.


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