Dissertation Proposal In Hrm

Dissertation Proposal In Hrm-20
It is an extensive field that requires in-depth understanding of the underlying factors and concepts.As a human resource management student, you will study a lot of different concepts, frameworks and theories that relate to employee management, however, prior to your graduation you will be required to submit a dissertation on a topic of your choosing.All organisational activities aimed at improving the productivity and performance of groups and individuals can be classified as the components of learning and development function of HRM.

In service industry where employees’ performance can greatly influence the quality of service, it is worth exploring the effect of employee engagement on customer loyalty in service based industry.

Therefore, in this study a survey based research will be conducted to obtain identify the effect of employee engagement on customer loyalty.

It is worthy to note that having the ability to crucially assess, examine and determine HR theories, incorporate and synthesize an array of data sources and come up with provable hypotheses OR; proposals or advice linked to issues or case studies in HR management.

More than all of these, it is also critical to have effective use of your relevant analysis, efficient written communication skills and of course clear proof of applied independent research.

Therefore, this research aims at critically analyzing the concept of workplace flexibility and how it has an impact on employee and organizational performance.

Job satisfaction and employee motivation are regarded as the most important element of HR practices.Even though there are a lot of topics and concepts that are still left unexplored in the field of human resource management, you might not want to take a chance and choose an irrelevant and incorrect topic for your final year project.This article provides you with a comprehensive list of latest topics, that are not only relevant in your field, but also identify some interesting literature gaps.We can even customize these topics based on your project needs.Employees engagement means that employees are passionate and committed towards their work.Nowadays companies tend to hire freelancers and contractual workers unlike hiring permanent payroll employees.Various cost benefits can be obtained by hiring such a workforce.The wellness of employees at workplace is necessary for their mental health and for their work performance as well.This study will aim at identifying the factors which can increase mental health issues of employees at workplace based on survey based on employees and managers of service based industries.A valuable and a talented employee is usually hard to find and retain.However, it has been found out that there are different factors which motivate an employee to search for a new job.


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