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The general examination consists of three written exams, conducted by three examiners, including the advisor, covering three separate fields of study.

Once the student has completed all the other requirements for Ph. candidacy, the student’s advisor should notify the graduate secretary to arrange for the student to take these three written examinations.

Numbered as a 9960, this is an undergraduate course augmented with additional requirements, developed with the course instructor, to earn credit as graduate-level work. Degree The progress of all students will be reviewed by the Department’s Graduate Studies Committee after they have completed their first two semesters of work.

With the approval of the advisor, the student must petition the Director of Graduate Studies to register for this course. This will determine whether the student should proceed to a full second year of work aimed at a doctoral degree.

Graded graduate-level courses fall into four categories: .

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Numbered in the 5000- or 7000-series, these are small courses with a mix of lectures, guided readings, and discussions.

The Mastery exams usually consist of a short translation, a reading comprehension section (with short-answer questions), and a short essay. In addition to grades and faculty reports, the written and oral exams will form a basis for evaluation (or, in cases in which students have scheduled exams during the third year, a substantial portfolio of student writing should be submitted for review). Students will take their general exams before the end of the spring term of their second year.

Test results will be forwarded to the History Department. Degree In this program the Master of Arts degree is ordinarily an incidental degree that can be granted on the way to full Ph. The second evaluation can result in a decision that the student should continue in the Ph. program with financial support; or that the student should not continue in the graduate program but may apply for the M. In cases in which the advisor determines that the pedagogical demands of the fields of study require more extensive coursework and language preparation, the DGS can grant exceptions to this exam schedule on a case-by-case basis or a specific exam schedule can be specified in the summaries of program requirements in this guide.

Following this oral examination, the three examiners will decide whether the student qualifies to pass, or passes with distinction, to the dissertation stage of the doctorate. candidate, a student in the third year focuses on dissertation research and continues his or her development as a college teacher as a graduate teaching assistant.

A student who fails the general examination can retake those parts of it (one or more of the written exams or the oral exam) deemed unsatisfactory, but only once, and must do so within four months of the date of the original written exam submission. During the fall and spring semesters of the third year the student should take the following: twelve credit hours of HIST 9999 Non-Topical Research (Preparation for Doctoral Research).


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