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John Dryden (9 August 1631 – ) was an influential English poet, literary critic, translator, and playwright who dominated the literary life of Restoration England to such a point that the period came to be known in literary circles as the Age of Dryden.Walter Scott called him "Glorious John." He was made Poet Laureate in 1668.Thus they are written for the nation rather than the self, and the Poet Laureate (as he would later become) is obliged to write a certain number of these per annum.

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Rightly concluding, as the noise subsides, that the English have triumphed, they order the bargeman to row them back upriver as they begin a dialogue on the advances made by modern civilization.

They agree to measure progress by comparing ancient arts with modern, focusing specifically on the art of drama (or "dramatic poesy").

These poems suggest that Dryden was looking to court a possible patron, but he was to instead make a living in writing for publishers, not for the aristocracy, and thus ultimately for the reading public.

These, and his other nondramatic poems, are occasional—that is, they celebrate public events.

His first play, The Wild Gallant appeared in 1663 and was not successful, but he was to have more success, and from 1668 on he was contracted to produce three plays a year for the King's Company in which he was also to become a shareholder.

During the 1660s and 70s theatrical writing was to be his main source of income.The four men debate a series of three topics: (1) the relative merit of classical drama (upheld by Crites) vs.modern drama (championed by Eugenius); (2) whether French drama, as Lisideius maintains, is better than English drama (supported by Neander, who famously calls Shakespeare "the greatest soul, ancient or modern"); and (3) whether plays in rhyme are an improvement upon blank verse drama--a proposition that Neander, despite having defended the Elizabethans, now advances against the skeptical Crites (who also switches from his original position and defends the blank verse tradition of Elizabethan drama).An Essay of Dramatic Poesy by John Dryden was published in 1668.It was probably written during the plague year of 1666.After the Restoration, Dryden quickly established himself as the leading poet and literary critic of his day and he transferred his allegiances to the new government.Along with Astraea Redux, Dryden welcomed the new regime with two more panegyrics; To His Sacred Majesty: A Panegyric on his Coronation (1662), and To My Lord Chancellor (1662).The first series is full of classic essays, including HISTORY, SELF-RELIANCE, COMPENSATION, SPIRITUAL LAWS, LOVE, FRIENDSHIP, PRUDENCE, HEROISM, THE OVER-SOUL, CIRCLES, INTELLECT, and ART The second series of essays, which complete ... This rare version of Fragments of Ancient Poetry, Collected in the Highlands of Scotland, and Translated from Gaelic and Eres is an original 1760 edition.Essay on the Principles of Translation is an important treatise in the history of translation theory. The house without the furniture cannot be inhabited. The poems are genuine remains of ancient Scottish poetry. This short contribution may be called a study in applied abnormal psychology and its object is to lay bare the fundamental mental mechanisms in one of the most prominent and interesting of artistic literary creations. Matter and Memory (French: Matière et mémoire) (1896) is one of the four main works by the French philosopher Henri Bergson (1859–1941).To Crites' argument that the plots of classical drama are more "just," Eugenius can retort that modern plots are more "lively" thanks to their variety.Lisideius shows that the French plots carefully preserve Aristotle's unities of action, place, and time; Neander replies that English dramatists like Ben Jonson also kept the unities when they wanted to, but that they preferred to develop character and motive.


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