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Dreams usually occur during the “rapid eye movement” stage of our sleep, when brain function is high, almost as high as when we’re awake.

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Secondly, France has become one of the significant countries of the world with its unique habits of food available at restaurants and homes as well.

In reality, people of France have adopted the most attracting and delicious way to prepare their food items and, for this fact, thousands of visitors every year tend to visit France just because of its eating habits.

Everyone has a dream place to visit once in life, and many get the chance to fulfill their dream trip.

In this regard, I also have a dream place to visit with the intention to feel about the people, place, and things of that particular place.

Thirdly, France is known for its beauty and nature over which the theme of love and romance is living in the ordinary lives of the people of France.

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For example, La Seine is one of the romantic rivers that an individual can imagine when the river floats under the shining lights of its surroundings.However, for me, France is my dream vacation where I always wanted to visit people, places, and things with the intention to make realize about the nature of life French people are experiencing.Also, I always wanted to be a part of such a country where there are set patterns of life, and all individuals look happy and cheering in every mood.It said that some one I’m very close to would betray me, so I glanced at my friend and told her that she was going to betray me, but she told me that wasn’t the case. We went on with our rampage through the stores, but in the back of my mind I still remembered what I read about my dream. When I started writing this paper I just say “dreams” as an interesting topic to write about. A few days later I got in a fight with my mom because she criticized how I looked, and that looked like betrayal to me. But when I actually started to read about it was amazed by all the fascinating information I found. From that point on I began to wonder if dreams could predict the future, but I wasn’t exactly sure. I have always felt that dreams had some sort of key to the future, now I have real reason to believe that. Have you Read our More Exotic Free Essays; Free Essays: Truth and Leadership Essay on Introduction to Global Politics Class Cheers!We go to sleep every night and wake up every morning. No doubt, such places cast an image of love and romance in the hearts of the people and, for this reason; I love to feel the same sense of love and romance in France.Overall, there are some places in this world to visit, according to their particular historical significance.


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