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By definition, a database is an immense, constant and integrated collection of active data that offers some operations describing, establishing, manipulating, and accessing the data.

Organizations, institutions, individuals and governments use database technology to organize, store, and retrieve data.

The following paper represents a database analysis and design of an online DVD sales information system.

The database design will consist of data flow diagrams showing customer details, DVD details and order details.

The objective of this paper is to create a data flow model for online DVD sales.

Databases and data models have attracted the interest of many organizations globally.Data forms the principal resource of an organization and is stored in a computer within the organization.It may be organized into bits, fields, records, files, or databases (Bergholt et al 10-12).Secondly, the traditional file processing environment cannot share data.An organization using this processing environment must have different systems with different data.On-line presence gives the business a benefit of exploring an external market.Through this, the business benefits in that, creation of new customers takes place and marketing of its goods and services occurs globally.These two methods of data management have their own similarities and differences as shown below.Firstly, both systems are used to store information.A data flow model is a representation of the processes involved in a business operation.The flow diagram represents business processes and data flowing between them (Fitz Gerald & Dennis 209).


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