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Please see the information on resubmitting your work on the following web page.

If you want to check drafts in Turnitin there is a standalone checking site, more information can be found on the Canvas Checking Site.

Please see the video on the e-Submission and resubmission web page for further guidance on resubmitting a file.

You will have the ability to submit updated versions of your assessment up until the due date – there is no limit on this. Resubmission is not possible after the due date has passed and anything submitted up to that point will be marked, therefore only submit work you would be happy to have marked.

For assessments which require a submission through Canvas; any type of file can be submitted to the system, however, please refer to instructions from your tutor which may be specific to the assessment.

For assessments which require a portfolio for Mahara; a single portfolio created using the Mahara e-portfolio system can be submitted.You should also see buttons to resubmit your assignment, download a copy of your assignment and download a pdf receipt (containing the date and time of submission and a submission reference number).For assessments submitted through Canvas Online, select the 'Assignments' link on the left-hand side and select the assessment you attempted to submit. ’ message on the right-hand side, with the date and time of submission, and a link to download the assignment.If you don't have access to the checking site or declined the invitation to the site, please contact us by email to [email protected] You will be able to upload an assessment after the due date as long as it is within the period of permissible lateness and if no previous submission is present.Submissions made during this period can only be uploaded once. Please refer to the information on the Academic Development and Quality Enhancement web pages to find out more about late submissions and lateness penalties.Please see the Understanding Turnitin Similarity web page for further guidance.The Similarity Index is a score which represents the percentage of matched text in the similarity check against the volume of overall text contained in the submitted document.Select the 'Assignments' link on the left-hand side of your module site to view a page listing the assessments identified as requiring electronic submission including details of the due date and submission requirements.For guidance, please see the support web page for e-Submission and resubmission.Please note, do not use the checking site to submit your final submission, this will still need to be done through the appropriate assignment page.Work submitted through the checking site will not be marked or be accesible by your tutors, it is for your reference only.


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