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No matter how daunting it may appear to you essay writing allows students to build up a disciplined, logical and rational communication approach towards a topic.Before picking up an ideal essay topic, it is important for you to understand the characteristics of the essay. Our school has a very large playground where we play sports. There is a computer lab, science lab and a big library in my school. All of the teachers of my school are very kind and cooperative. My school also takes part in various extra curriculum activities like sports, quiz competition, speeches etc. We celebrate all national events with great zeal in our school. My school offers annual country visit to the senior students. I am proud of my school because we all learn here like a family.

Wondering which topic to pick up for your next essay?

Essay writing is nowadays an essential task given to students of all grades.

No matter what type of essay you write you must be aware of the topic and to gain that knowledge you must research well.

English essays for students are generally of four types – Narrative Essays – These types of essays follow the concept of storytelling.

The writer can provide examples, facts, and evidence to prove their points.

Conclusion – It presents a short summarized version of the essay and concludes what the writer expressed in the essay.It is just like painting a picture – including the details and giving complete information about the topic to the readers.Persuasive Essays – If you are a beginner in essay writing choose a simple essay topic for kids and follow the above-stated format for writing the essay.Learn to write leave applications & personal letters here!Do you know how important it is to choose an interesting essay topic?The last sentence of the essay is generally the thesis statement that states the writer’s perspective about the topic.Body Paragraph(s) – There are generally one or more body paragraphs written in an essay which explain the topic introduced earlier in the introductory paragraph.These types of essays are written to convince the readers about a particular idea or opinion of the writer.The writer needs to present a logical approach and support their arguments with facts and evidence.Make sure you write an eye-catching introduction and effective conclusion and we are sure that your teacher will assign you better grades. If you’re having trouble in English Subject and you’re looking for an instant grades improvement.


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