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Production of attenuated does not require a lot of funds; it is cheaper than other types of vaccination.References Bona, CA & Bonilla, FA 1996, A Text Book of Immunology. Goldsby, R A, Kindt, TJ, Osborne, BA & Kuby, JI 2000, Kuby Immunology, 4th edn, W H Freeman & Co, Sidney.

Production of attenuated does not require a lot of funds; it is cheaper than other types of vaccination.References Bona, CA & Bonilla, FA 1996, A Text Book of Immunology. Goldsby, R A, Kindt, TJ, Osborne, BA & Kuby, JI 2000, Kuby Immunology, 4th edn, W H Freeman & Co, Sidney.

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But although several edible vaccines have entered clinical trials, none has yet been approved for marketing.

Indeed, many technical questions remain to be answered before edible vaccines will become a viable option.

Murphy, K, Travers, P & Walport, M 2008, Janeway's Immunobiology, 7th edn, Garland Science, New York.

Reiss, CS 2005, ‘Viral Immunology’, Viral Immunology, 18(4): 583-583.... Vaccines A vaccine is termed as a biological preparation which helps in making immunity stronger against a certain disease or the disease-causing organism (Bona and......?

For example, hundred years ago it was employed to control diphtheria in young children.

Half a century back, polio was the greatest scare for children, and vaccines helped limit it’s occurrence.

The demand for transgenic crops has significantly grown both in the developed and developing countries. 70), this is because the future of edible vaccines mostly will vary according to how people will accept the introduction of genetically customized foods.

In order to successfully accomplish the use of edible vaccines, it will be important to know how well technical obstacles can be avoided.

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