Effective Closings For Essays

Your conclusion should do more than simply recap the paper – it should provide a jumping off point for further discussion from readers or as a way to help them know what actions they can take to make a positive impact.The first lines of a book are often quoted as the most powerful lines in history.The concluding paragraphs of your paper should address each question or issue in turn.

If possible, leave it to the side for a night and let your subconscious mull over what you've already written.

Then, go back and read through the paper as if you didn't already know every word by heart.

As you read, jot down questions readers may have and use those for the basis of your conclusion.

Reword specific points and present them in a new way in order to avoid making your reader feel as though you've just tried to take up space.

If the paper itself was short, then don't review each point in detail – simply recap the idea and move on.


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