Egg Drop Physics Essay

Egg Drop Physics Essay-90
Basically, you knocked the support out from under the egg.For a brief nanosecond or so, the egg didn’t move because it was already stationary (not moving).But then, as usual, the force of gravity took over and pulled the egg straight down toward the center of the Earth. Newton’s First Law, once the egg began moving, it didn’t want to stop.

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Next, I attached the slurpie lid to the top of the cone.

It’s a combination of strategy, skill, and just a little luck. Fill the drinking glass about three-quarters full with water and center the pie pan on top of the glass. Position your hand about 6 inches away from the edge of the pan.

The goal is to get an egg to drop into a glass of water. Did I mention that the egg is perched high above the water on a cardboard tube and that a pie pan sits between the tube and the water? Place the cardboard tube vertically on the pie pan, positioning it directly over the water. The idea is to hit the edge of the pie pan with enough force to knock the cardboard tube out from under the egg.

Finally, I attached the streamers to the sides of the cone.

I came up with this model because I knew that the package needed to absorb the shock of hitting the ground.


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