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The thesis was submitted in September 2015 and my viva was successfully examined on 18 November 2014.

Integrating research and practice, the graduate programs in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) offer professional development to teachers of ESL and prepare researchers and leaders in applied linguistics.

You can read more about the motivations of this project, including personal reasons that inspired by involvement in this post.

The main argument made in my thesis, and subsequently developed in my book, In the thesis, I argued that ELT pedagogy (the state space in which the activity of the school took place, Figure 1) could be described in terms of three dimensions, which comprised several different positions: By consulting the ELT literature, I noted that these dimensions tended to combine in three ways, which I called constraining structures in the state space.

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This page contains information about my doctoral research, which led to the award of a Ph D in Education in 2014.

However, in subsequent years, the predominant intentionality became certification, or providing learners with a language proficiency certificate, and this made the school align with the communicative principles espoused by major examination boards.

You can read more about the intentionalities in the system in this ).

As a snapshot of language education at the under-researched periphery of the English-speaking world, such a description could help us to understand how global and local influences come toghether to produce a distinctive and idiosyncratic form of pedagogy.

In addition to the ethnographic aim of the project, I was also interested in finding a way to ‘import’, or ‘nativise’, complex systems theory for the purposes of language education.


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