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Some critics speculate that her withdrawal enabled her to write her poetry; it gave her both the space to write (her room) and the time to write by freeing her from woman's duties.Not even her sister Lavinia, on whom she depended, knew the extent of Emily's writing, not until she came across over 1700 poems after Emily's death.

She stayed in the next room to listen to a young woman play her piano and then sent her notes of appreciation.

Even when ill, including when she was dying, she kept aloof; her doctor had to diagnose her as she walked by an open door.

Emily Dickinson did not name her poems; the titles were assigned by early editors of her poems.

Because your textbook uses these titles and because many editors also use them, I include them in the online lessons and study guides.

This does not mean that she cut herself off entirely from people; she had an extensive and active correspondence and saw an occasional, special visitor; she loved her brother's children and lowered baskets of baked goods via a pulley outside her window for neighborhood children.

And throughout her seclusion, Dickinson wrote poetry in her room.

Her behavior at social gatherings in the Dickinson home, while she still attended them, was distinct.

She asked whether a guest would rather have a glass of wine or a rose.

However, I refer to the poems, in this overview and in any other discussion of Dickinson, by the first line.

Like John Keats, Emily Dickinson is a passionate poet.


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