Employee Evaluation Essay

There are many methods that organisations can implement depending on their preference as most have their specific advantages as well as limitations. A graphic rating scale lists the traits each employee should have and rates workers on a numbered scale for each trait.

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The employees are ranked from the highest to the lowest or from the best to the worst.

The problem here is that it does not tell that how much better or worse one is than another.

Also it cannot be used for large number of employees.

MBO (management by objectives) methods of performance appraisal are results-oriented.

It works best in long-term situations which is recommended as it considers performances during that time.

Here manager compares an employee to other similar employees, rather than to a standard measurement for the purpose of assessing their worth.Performance appraisals form an essential part of the HR department as they provide important and useful information for the assessment of employee’s skill, knowledge, ability and overall job performance.These appraisals are not only used to eliminate behavior and productivity issues, but also to motivate employees to contribute more.In this method, the manager prepares lists of statements of very effective and ineffective behavior of an employee.These critical incidents or events represent the outstanding or poor behavior of employees on the job.This technique is normally used with a combination of the graphic rating scale because the rater can present the scale in more detail by also giving an explanation for his rating.While preparing the essay on the employee, the rater also needs to consider job knowledge, understanding of the company’s policies and objectives, relations with peers, ability to plan and organize, attitude and perception of employee in general.Performance appraisal and interview comments are related to these duties.This makes the appraisal process objective and more accurate.Here the rater only does the reporting or checking and the HR department does the actal evaluation.Although it does not allow detailed analysis of the performance.


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