Essay About Concern For Senior Citizens

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In 1940 programs for the aged came under England’s welfare state system.

United States was one of the last countries to institute such programs.

There is, however, no conclusive evidence that intelligence deteriorates with age, but rather that it is more closely associated with education and standard of living.

Sexual activity tends to decrease with age, but if an individual is healthy there is no age limit for its continuance.

The rising cost of medical care has caused a growing concern among older people and societies, in general resulting in constant reevaluation and reform of institutions and programs designed to aid the elderly with these expenses.

Life expectancy today has expanded in historically unprecedented proportions, greatly increasing the numbers of people who survive over the age of 65.In general the social status of an age group is related to its effective influence in its society, which is associated with that group’s function in productivity.In agrarian societies the elderly have a status of respectability.However, the tendency for young people in industrialized countries to be highly mobile has forced older people to decide whether to move to keep up with their families or to remain in neighbourhoods which also change, altering their familiar patterns of activity.Although most older people do live within an hour from their closest child, industrialized societies are faced with formulating programs to accommodate increasing numbers of older people who function independently of their families.Retirement is not regarded unfavourably in all instances, but its economic limitations tend to further remove older people from the realm of influence and raise problems in the extended use of leisure time and housing.As a consequence, financial preparation for retirement has become an increased concern for individuals and society.Old age, also called senescence, in human beings, the final stage of the normal life span.Definitions of old age are not consistent from the standpoints of biology, demography (conditions of mortality and morbidity), employment and retirement, and sociology.The physiological effects of aging differ widely among individuals.However, chronic ailments, especially aches and pains, are more prevalent than acute ailments, requiring older people to spend more time and money on medical problems than younger people.


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